New shades of Sally Hansen Color Therapy polish from the left! — Falling Deep, Bronze Reflection, Dusty Plum, Pink and Harmony, Cashmere Calm ($7.99 each)

1. These gorgeous nude Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail colors
I can’t decide what to wear for the next installment of Desperately Seeking Persistent Polish! Too many choices… I’m leaning toward dark burgundy Falling Deep, since I wore a pastel cream last week. What do you think?

2. MAC Cosmo Lipstick
Busted this out for the first time in months and remembered why I love it so much. This neutral pink with a hint of brown is a lovely everyday lip color, and it looks amazeballs with brown and taupe eyeshadows!

3. Kim’s Convenience
I found the best show on Netflix! In every single episode, there’s at least one moment where I have to hit pause and scream to nobody in particular that “SERIOUSLY, THIS SHOW IS BASICALLY MY LIFE.”

I’m not Korean, and my parents never owned a grocery store (they’re both retired accountants)…and I’ve never lived in Toronto (Bay Area strong!), but the family stuff rings so true growing up Asian with immigrant parents — ESPECIALLY the miscommunication and how the family members express their love for each other. I’ve laughed and cried my way through both of the seasons on Netflix. It’s the most authentic show I’ve ever seen about growing up in an Asian immigrant family, but it’s also just good. Very witty, funny writing IMO.

4. Iowa Girl Eats
Found out about this great gluten-free cooking blog thanks to a recommendation from a reader (hi, Kate!). I like it because the recipes are yummy (priority #1, of course), easy to follow, and the ingredients are things you can find at most any ol’ grocery store.

My fam-bam loved the BBQ Sausage, Beans and Greens and Taco Chili (I wish I took a pic of the Taco Chili, but we inhaled it too fast).

Nobody was crazy about the Coconut Chicken Curry, though… It tasted kinda bland, but if I try it again I’m gonna double the amount of curry spice.

5. Tom Ford Vanille Fatale Eau de Parfum
Otherwise known as “Eau de Schmexy Librarian,” otherwise known as “My New Fall Scent Obsession.”

Think vanilla pods, old books, leather club chairs, seduction, and the lingering scent of sweet tobacco.


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF. 🙂