Before you pluck or wax your brows, fill them out first so you can clearly see the shape you’re going for. Then, just remove the hairs that *aren’t* in that shape.

Makes total sense, right? — yet peeps (myself included) repeatedly fall into the trap of tweezing willy-nilly without keeping in mind the final brow look.

Whenever I do it (tweeze without planning ahead), I miscalculate my brow arch and end up over-plucking the wrong place.


Apparently, this has been a lesson I’ve needed to relearn over and over again…

Brow fillers that won’t let you down

Here are my faves at the moment!

MAC Eye Brows Styler — This easy-to-use tool has a super thin tip that makes it easy to draw in those tiny brow hairs, and the formula lasts a long time.
Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel — THE BEST for speed. It’s great for quickly filling in and fluffing up your brows. And did I mention it’s super fast!? You gotta get a tinted one, though, because the clear one is pretty much useless.
Tom Ford Brow Sculptor — Pricey, but the best of the best IMO.
MAC Brow Sculpt — This is MAC’s version of the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, and I think it’s pretty good (although no match for Tom’s).

So, yeah, next time you notice things looking kinda jungly up there, grab your brow pencil, brow powder, gel or whatever you’re using at the moment, “fill out” and “fluff up” those fuzzy little caterpillars, and then go to town with your removal method o’ choice!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy Tuesday! 😊