Desperately Seeking Persistent Polish is a series where I wear a nail polish for seven days and take before and after pics to document the condition of my paws over the course of the week!

Life lesson learned last week: the greatest threat to your manicure isn’t washing dishes, or lifting heavy weights at the gym, or pounding at the keyboard like you’ve just inhaled 12 cups of coffee. The greatest threat to your manicure — the threat that spells almost certain doom — is being distracted while waxing your upper lip at home.

From this, there is almost no going back.

A minor moment of shock
Because, friend, as I smoothed some Bliss blue wax onto the forest that is my upper lip, then stared at myself in the mirror in shock and thought, “Holy sh*t, I look exactly like my brother with a blue mustache,” I momentarily misplaced that little plastic waxing wand thingamabob you use to spread the wax on your skin and accidentally sprinkled big, hot blobs of wax onto the nails on my left hand.


Just a few chunks…
But not all was lost. After recovering from the initial shock (I’ve been waxing for years and never had this happen before. Distracted waxing is dangerous, people!), I waited for the wax to dry, massaged some of the oil that comes with the kit on my nails to loosen the wax up, and carefully peeled it off.

Unfortunately, a few chunks of my polish peeled off, too…

Frankly, I’m surprised any of the polish remained because that wax removes *everything*.

To make a long story even longer, all of this happened on day five of this dark blue OPI manicure. Through then, it was chugging along remarkably well. Better than average, for sure! A lot of people say that OPI lasts a really long time. Well, they aren’t joking.

Like I’ve done in my last couple of “7 Days” nail polish experiments, I used Smith & Cult’s base coat and top coat, along with two layers of polish, in this case OPI Chills Are Multiplying ($10.50).

Flawless for four days
Day five of this manicure, shortly before I waxed my ‘stash, was when I saw the first signs of very minor chipping at the base of my nails.

That’s better than usual for me. Normally by the fourth or fifth day of a manicure I see at least two or three big divots on one or more nails.

There was also hardly any wear at the tips of my nails — like no chipping at all — which almost never happens.

The final word
If I hadn’t been so distracted while waxing that day, I think this mani would’ve made it to day seven, and it would’ve looked pretty darned good. For sure, I’ll wear this again.

As Rose from The Golden Girls once said, “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.” Now I know better than to let my mind wander while I wax. The next time I do this manicure, I’ll be paying much closer attention!

❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4 out of 5 hearts.

OPI Chills Are Multiplying: Day 1

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,