One of my arguably unhelpful talents is my uncanny ability to misplace expensive jewelry.

Got a priceless heirloom engagement ring that you want to get off your hands? Loan it to me for a day!! 🙂 That pear-shaped monstrosity you got from your mother-in-law? I’ll make sure you never see it again.

My friend, this is why I primarily stick to costume jewelry. Sure, some of it might turn my finger green someday, but when the inevitable occurs and it decides to “free itself from my clutches,” I won’t be financially crushed by it.

To that end…

I saw these cute and dainty pieces by Universal Thread at Target the other day… Swoon!

They have some heft to them, so they don’t feel cheap. Quality-wise, they’re similar to what you’d get at LOFT, so a little better than “starter” costume jewelry from Charming Charlie or Forever21, but not as substantial as something from Ann Taylor, Kendra Scott or Kate Spade.

So, perfect if you’re on a budget but want something to jooj up a plain white tee and jeans or cutoffs. Also good if you want something to wear to the beach that you don’t have to constantly worry about losing.

I know it’s for “A New Day,” one of Target’s lines, but I always see “And EA WY.”

LOL. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF!!!!!! Who wants to play hooky with me today and go to the beach? I can fit four of us in my Mazda.