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Found This Cute, Dainty Costume Jewelry at Target

One of my arguably unhelpful talents is my uncanny ability to misplace expensive jewelry. Got a priceless heirloom engagement ring that you want to get off your hands? Loan it to me for a day!! 🙂 That pear-shaped monstrosity you got from your mother-in-law? I’ll make sure you never see it again. My friend, this […]

5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately: The Nordstrom Fall Fashion Sale Edition

Nordstrom, also known as “the happiest place on earth!” — even though El Hub would disagree with me. 🙂 Whenever we go, I park him on the nearest tufted couch, hand him an iPhone charger and say, “I’ll be back in an hour! Or two!” He’s never too thrilled about it, LOL! But thank goodness […]

An Awesome and Affordable $40 Raincoat: The Women’s Anorak Jacket at Target

An awesome and affordable $40 $30 (!) raincoat OK, so I mentioned wanting a new raincoat, right? I wanted on that was affordable. Well…I bought one! Turns out that the Target down the street had this olive-colored one by A New Day on sale for $30! So I tried it on, and…now it’s my new […]

I Found the Cutest Tops at Target in the New Universal Thread Line

***TARGET SHOPPER ALERT*** I found the cutest line of clothes at Target. I think it just launched — like, literally just rolled out! — because when I walked into the store this week, the sales associates were pulling these huge racks of clothes, and they were stocking the displays and ooh-ing and ah-ing as they […]

Cute Jewelry at Target, Muumuus, Custom Cat Caftans and Mrs. Roper Dreams…

I’ve been wanting to dress like Mrs. Roper lately. *shrugs shoulders* I’ve probed the depths of my mind trying to find a reason why I’ve been wanting to rock her style (you might remember her from Three’s Company infamy!), and the most rational reason is the weather. When it’s hella hot and you don’t have […]

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